Hello. Welcome to my home page. This site is designed for you to learn more about me, my previous and present campaigns, and how you can be part of moving us forward in these challenging times.

As a member of the Taylor City Council, I have been working to improve our community through cooperation, vision and community involvement. I am grateful for the calls and conversations I have had with residents and business owners. The suggestions have been especially helpful, and I have addressed many of the issues with the Mayor and City Council.

This year, in November, I am running for the office of Taylor City Clerk. If elected, I will continue my diligent efforts to secure accountability and transparency in our local government. I do so by asking the hard questions and taking the steps necessary to ensure that checks and balances remain in place. My goal is to allocate our resources (your tax dollars) to benefit as many citizens as possible.

Take a few moments to explore my website and share your ideas with me. I have dedicated several pages to allow you to get involved with my efforts. Thank you for visiting my website.

Jill Brandana